InterMedia Development (IMD), founded in 1993, before most of you had even heard of the Internet. IMD's founders realized the Internet represented the dawn of a new era in global communications and the standardization of wide-area public networks.

IMD has helped businesses successfully use the Internet to promote and sell products online since the beginning of the Web.

IMD specializes in helping small, medium and large companies benefit from Internet technology within their organizations and through out the world.

IMD is a complete interactive multimedia and software development firm. We provide innovative technologies and state-of-the-art interactive design solutions.

IMD employs a creative and collaborative approach to devise the communications solutions our clients' need. With each project we work to envision the best technological solutions to meet our clients' goals.

IMD's user-centered approach to design ensures that the end product will be easy to use. A look and feel is developed that enhances both the corporate image and marketing messages our clients want to convey.